When and how do I order?

We are happy to take your order at any time; however, our beef is ready for delivery from December to June only, and is on a first come first serve basis.  Our customers usually place their orders approximately 3 months in advance of their preferred delivery time.


For first time orders, it is helpful if we can speak to you by phone individually to answer your questions and explain our program.  We are happy to take orders by email if you have already enjoyed our beef!



I haven’t bought beef this way before, how do I know what to order?

When you place your order, we will offer suggestions regarding different options for each cut to suit your individual needs.  For example, Prime Rib, Sirloin, and Chuck can be cut into steaks or roasts.  You may choose to have the round cut into roasts, steak (Swiss), or ground beef.

Steaks:  thickness (the most requested is 7/8 inch), your choice of number per package.

Roasts:  size, e.g., 3, 4, 5 lbs etc.

Lean Ground beef:  Size of packages.

Stewing Beef: size of packages, or, if you choose, made into ground beef.

Ribs:  Short Ribs, long Ribs, or ground beef.

Soup Bones:  Yes, No, How many packages.


What cuts of beef are included?

Your order will include:  Prime rib, T bone, Cross Rib, Sirloin, Chuck, Round, Ground Beef, Ribs, Shank (soup bones).


If I order a , is it a front or a hind quarter?

It is half of a full side including equal proportions of each.



When will my beef be delivered?

Once you have placed your order for a given month, we will discuss the date and time of delivery.



What is the cost?

The market price for beef is highly variable. Please contact us by email at ljranch@xplornet.com for current prices.


What are the payment arrangements?

Payment is at the time of delivery of your beef order, by either cheque or cash.


Is the beef frozen when it is delivered?



How much freezer space is required?

A quarter of beef will be delivered in 3 to 4 boxes (14”x10”x8” each).