In addition to Natural Beef Sales, there's a lot going on at LJ Ranch!


LJ Ranch is a family-owned and operated working cattle ranch located in the beautiful Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, west of Calgary, Alberta, near the town of Cochrane.  Joy and Lindsay Eklund are grateful to live and work full-time here, with help from their six grown ”kids“, and seven (adorable) grand kids.


When it comes time to gather and move the herd, help with working days on the ranch, fencing, harvesting, and a host of other chores, our family and friends are always glad to lend a hand, despite the fact that they also have other careers and responsibilities to attend to.


In addition to being a working cattleman, Lindsay applies his expert skills in horsemanship to providing riding lessons, Sensitive Touch Horse Training, custom saddle fitting, and guiding Working Ranch Adventure Rides to folks of all ages and skill levels. (See tabs)


Joy is a seasoned and practicing community Midwife, (Cochrane Community Midwives), in addition to being a rancher’s wife and proud Mom.  She feels very fortunate to be able to provide services to women and their families from her clinic right here at the ranch. 


Together, we like to say we are specialists in ”Birth and Beef“!


Why LJ Ranch Natural Beef?


These rolling hills with plenty of wide open space, fresh clean air, and plentiful creeks, rivers and streams, provide some of the best and most scenic ranching and riding country on the continent.


We use traditional and sustainable ranching methods that are in harmony with the environment to raise our LJ natural beef, and take pride in the health and well-being of our cattle and horses, to whom we provide attentive care and gentle handling.  This approach is not only more wholesome and satisfying to us personally, but satisfies our environmentally- and locality- conscious customers, who place value on knowing where their food comes from.


”THINK GLOBAL, SHOP LOCAL“ is a motto we support!


We welcome you to come out for a visit, and experience a working cattle ranch for yourself!  We have found that the personal relationships we build with our customers make our work much more fulfilling than selling our cattle to feed lots, where they are then sold to packing plants and eventually to retail stores to be purchased by consumers whom we never meet!


We value honesty and integrity in our relationship with customers.  Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns about our services or products.  We will respond and do our best to ensure that you are satisfied.


We hope you will seize the opportunity to experience our delicious natural beef, and to visit LJ ranch.  We look forward to meeting you and your family.


Happy Trails!

Joy and Lindsay Eklund & Family


  Members of Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association


  Members of Slow Food Calgary


  Members of Dine Alberta


  We participated in Environmental Farm Plan through AB agriculture