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Welcome to LJ Ranch, Alberta Beef Sales - Naturally Raised, Angus Cross Cattle, near Cochrane, Alberta - Guaranteed Quality & Purity.

We are a family-owned and operated ranch located in the Foothills of the Rockies, west of Calgary, Alberta.  Our goal is to provide natural & locally raised Alberta beef by direct sales to our customers.  We have been raising our quality beef near Cochrane, Alberta, a community we have been proud to call our home, for more than 30 years.


Our cattle graze on native pasture and hay and are finished on grain, without growth hormones, animal by-products, or antibiotics.  These factors, and the fact that LJ beef is dry aged for a minimum of 21 days, give our beef exceptional flavor and tenderness.

Please note that our riding lessons and horse training services are temporarily unavailable. Watch this space for updates on when these services will be reintroduced.
Thank you for your patience.


LJ Natural Alberta Beef is:

  • Naturally dry aged for 21 days
  • Government Inspected 
  • Custom cut and wrapped to your specifications
  • Delivered to your door free of charge


The cattle we sell to you are raised from birth by us on our ranch, so we know each animal’s history, and can guarantee the quality and purity of our young, Angus Cross beef.  If an animal requires treatment with antibiotics it is pulled out of our program.


We have chosen not to obtain organic certification, and are thus able to provide a product which is naturally raised without passing along the added costs involved in a very time consuming and expensive certification process.


Because of the length of time it takes to raise beef grown naturally, our beef is available for delivery from December to May only, so when ordering, please keep this in mind.  Some of our customers order twice per year, and some prefer one order per year.  Wrapped as it is delivered to you (in freezer paper, not plastic), LJ natural beef can be safely stored in the deep freeze for a year or longer.


Choose from the following orders according to your needs:


  • beef = approximately 200 lbs hanging weight= 120 lbs finished weight after trimming and de-boning.  This order fills roughly 3 (legal-sized) boxes, and will provide a family of 4 for approximately 6 months.


  • beef= approximately 400 lbs hanging wt. =240 lbs finished weight. This order fills roughly 6 (legal-sized) boxes, and will provide a family of 4 for approximately 1 year.


Some of our customers choose to share an order with family or friends.


The beef we deliver to you is butchered and hand-packed at a local, provincially inspected and certified facility.  We deliver your customized order of frozen beef directly to your doorstep.